Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Come check out the upcoming events put on by Allyship and The Producer's Collective.

Join Gendercast Episode 15 [airing October 3, 2011] for an interview with Allyship's Executive Director Debbie Carlsen. This is an amazing local organization that has partnered with a number of communities ranging from immigrant rights to homeless queer youth, and was recently heavily involved with raising awareness and support for the Seattle's Paid Sick Leave ordinance that passed on September 12th.

Allyship Mission Statement
We are LGBTQ and Allies who believe that all oppressions are interconnected and in the possibility of a world free of oppression. We seek to work in solidarity with marginalized communities to understand the interconnectedness of oppression and to support the systematic liberation of all people.

Allyship has many event's coming up, including Seattle's Very Own Queer's Anatomy Social Mixer on Thursday, Sept. 29 at the Lobby bar. The last panel of their 5th Queerly Classed discussion series will be on Oct 5th at the Lifelong Aids Alliance at 6:30pm. This last discussion is entitled "A Case for Queer Medicine." Sean will be a panelist discussing his history in the healthcare field and his personal experience accessing and navigating medical care for his medical transition. Pink Taco will be directing funds raised at their upcoming Oct. 4th show to Allyship, so come out and support Allyship while enjoying the amazing performers and producer/performer Ruby Rouge on Tuesday, October 4th at the Wild Rose.

Debbie is also involved with Theproducer'scollective Seattle, who, along with the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Seattle University is presenting Queer It Yourself: Be It, Do it, Make it Conference and Showcases, Saturday, October 8th. This a daylong conference for queer artists and inspiring artists where you can hone your craft or learn about something you are curious about at one of these amazing workshops! There will be two (different!) queer variety shows happening at 7pm & 9pm at Seattle University as part of the Queer It Yourself queer artists conference. Treat yourself to some sexy burlesque, sassy drag, fierce spoken word, funny and thought-provoking short films and more! 

Gendercast is lucky to have been able to interview Debbie and attend the last two panel discussions of the Queerly Classed series. Allyship is such an important topic and we hope to continue to build community with local organizations doing great work and raising awareness.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Updates and some [more] Dirtyfall Quick Ball!

Hello Gendercasterians!

Here is a link to the definitions and Trans 101 Jessie and Sean provided to the Pink Taco! crowd.  Thanks again to Ruby Ruge for inviting us to provide some education and language 101.

We are getting very excited for the Dirty Fall Quickball tournament (facebook page and event)!  Please go here to our Gendercast page and DONATE to the Reteaching Gender and Sexuality Campaign!  We will see you on the field on October 16 at Seattle University.  Please email us if you are interested in some genderbending cheerleading!
We are also very exicted to be featured on the Butch Voices website regarding Episode 14, our reflections on the 2011 Butch Voices conference with Kari Kelser and Jay Walls .

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh Yeah! We're ready for the Dirty Fall Quickball fundraiser on October 16!


This October Reteaching Gender & Sexuality is throwing a big queer event. Dirty Fall QuickBall 2011 is a 3-inning kickball elimination tournament between twelve teams competing for one big queer trophy. Along with the jam-packed action of the games, there will be hip music, baked goodies, rad shirts, dirty tricks, corrupt umpires, and a half-time show!

Tag team at it's best.... This wasn't planned.

Your Gendercast hosts, Sean and Jessie, will be co-captains of one of the kickball teams!  Stay tuned for updates on how to sign up to be on our team and play some kickball with us while raising money for the Reteaching Gender and Sexuality campaign!

See YOU on the field!

Twerking it in Transilvania at PINK TACO! on Tuesday, September 6!

Come join Jessie and Sean, hosts of Gendercast at the Wildrose bar in Seattle on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 for TWERKING IT IN TRANSILVANIA at PINK TACO!  We will be covering some Trans 101 for the audience - talking about gender, definitions and fun stuff like that!