Monday, July 30, 2012

TransMission, August 3 and 4, 2012 in Seattle!

Press Release

Queer Social Club’s TransMission Brings the Best of Trans and Queer Art to Seattle and Your Mouth!

TransMission is a showcase of trans and gender queer artists being held at Seattle’s Washington Hall on August 3 and 4. Presented by Queer Social Club, doors are at 8:30 with both shows starting at 9pm.  Each evening  is totally unique,  featuring the best of queer performance art, film, poetry, burlesque, puppets and aerial  artists.  Not only can you feast your eyes on nearly two dozen performers over two nights, you can also actually feast on them! The Kitchen Sink Project will be providing concessions packs each evening, small bites and sips designed to allow the audience to taste the essence of each performer and Eat The Show.  Each evening will culminate with a dance party and several special bonus performances.

TransMission is inspired by an amazing and diverse group of performers and community organizers that want to bring Seattle thoughtful and experimental work produced and performed by the queer and transgender community. The stage show will be hosted by Neon and Leon Beige with Queer Social Club’s Logan Bruch and the dance party to follow will be reigned over by the fierce Lilith Von Fraumench.  Featuring performances by Athens Boys Choir, The Cherdonna and Lou Show, Paris Original, Amber Flame, Max Voltage, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Zusha Rouge, Finn Cottom, Violet Deville, Amaryllis Brindamore, Cory Cunnilingus, Shaktease, Eli Steffen, and Mateo Cruz with films by Olive-or-Oliver, Clyde Petersen, Syniva Whitney and the Seattle Premier of Malic Amalya & Max Garnet’s experimental 16mm  Gold Moon Sharp Arrow and more!

Some people have asked, why TransMission? The answer is simple; Because the gender binary hurts everyone.  It’s fine to be a man or a woman, if that’s what you choose.  But we all get to make that choice for ourselves.  And we get to make up new categories to describe our particular perspective, identity or our general awesomeness.  And we get to change our minds.  We get to change our bodies, but we don’t have to.  We get to change our names, if we want to.  And most important (and most liberating), if we change our minds, it doesn’t mean what we chose before was wrong.  We are ever evolving, ever changing. TransMission is here because revolutions start, in part, with the space art gives us to celebrate the diversity of possibility; to revel in the hard found, hard won identities and voices of the individuals and pieces on a magnificent stage in front of us. So join us for a riotous celebration, an evening of profound perspectives and ideas-both new and old.  It’s a chance to see something amazing, feast, and then set aside our seats so we can kick up our heels. TransMission exists to remind us that there is no one right way to be, just that you can be yourself, whoever that is.  And that’s a revolution. ((Also, a couple of really fun evenings.))

So join us for two very special and amazing evenings of art, food, drink, dance, identity, possibility and community.  Bring your friends, your co-workers, your family and anyone else that enjoys amazing art!  You can get tickets online (and cheaper!!!) at  

Accessibility info:
TransMission is an 18 and older show.  
Washington Hall is located 153 14th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
The closest bus lines are: #3, 4 and 27

The show and event will take place in the Washington Hall main stage, located on the second floor.  There is no ramp or elevator to this level.  QSC is committed to finding any possible solutions and offering assistance to overcome impediments this may cause for any and all individuals interested in seeing this show.  If you think you will require assistance please contact the producers at as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.  

Other QSC Events coming up soon:

Event in anticipation of TransMission!  Small preview party at Studio Current on July 27th (Friday) 8-10 pm.  Space is VERY limited.  RSVP at to reserve your spot.

The 4th Thursday of every month, this is an opportunity to meet people, have conversations and actually hear them!  From 5-8pm at High 5 Pie, located on the corner of 12th/Madison/Union.  The next QSC Social is Thursday, August 9th.