Saturday, November 30, 2013

gendercast episode 41!

  gendercast episode 41: interview with Jacks McNamara on a lot of awesome things

Join Jesse and Sean for an interview with Jacks McNamara about their work in radical mental health and with The Icarus Project, their writing and other projects they are involved in. We explore the concept of radical mental health, creating some analyses of the medical industrial complex and corporate psychology’s impact on the mainstream mental health system/pathologizing of people experiencing emotional distress or psychic impairments. Jacks discussed that emotional distress does not happen in a bubble, but rather, it happens within a social context where capitalism, racism, classism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia and many other isms are operating.

Jacks also draws some comparisons between gender nonconformity and mental health/emotional distress as “ a shared inability to fit into boxes” and will discuss how this is something that queer and trans people as well as people experiencing emotional distress have in common.  We will talk about the impact of labels (diagnoses) on both gender identity and mental health as a mechanism of access (to medications).  We also talk about disability justice and radical mental health. Jacks also talks about collective access, access intimacy and reads some of their poetry!

guest bio
Jacks McNamara is a genderqueer writer, artist, activist, educator, performer, and somatic healing practitioner living in Santa Fe, NM. Jacks is the co-founder of The Icarus Project, a radical mental health support network and media project by and for people living with the dangerous gifts that our society commonly labels as "mental illness," and the subject of the poetic documentary film Crooked Beauty. In 2012 Jacks was selected as a Lambda literary fellow, and their first book of poetry, Inbetweenland, was released by Deviant Type Press in March 2013. You can find out more about Jacks at


Jacks new poetry book Inbetweenland which you can buy here (Jacks reads Whether or Not You Fly and Lungseed on the podcast)
Icaruses Harm Reduction Guide To Coming off Psychiatric Drugs and Withdrawl (you can download the pdf free)
Icarus Project blog
Jacks' article on access intimacy

links to other badass projects that jacks talked about

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Put A Rainbow On It.

A group of activists and organizers in Seattle created, acted in and produced this amazing analyses of the co-modification and appropriation of the rainbow flag called Put A Rainbow On It.

Please watch this two minute video, share widely and check out the amazing toolkits that take you through all the themes the short video touches on to raise awareness and open dialogue.  This can be used in classrooms, with organizations, with friends and family, and anyone to start a conversation with!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

say hello in philly and join us on the mic!

Gendercast's Gilligan and Jesse will be tabling at the Philly Trans Health Conference (June 13-15, 2013).

mini interviews

Stop by and let us hear 
from YOU!  Here's a quick link to the questions we'd love to have your answer on the mic 
(to be aired at a later date on a Gendercast episode).

work with us

Gendercast is looking for others to join the dialogue and WORK WITH US!  See this overview of areas we are looking for gendercasters!  Come chat with us and learn more.

jesse's workshop

Also, catch Jesse's workshop on Thursday (4:05 pm, room 106A),
The Multiple ________ of Trans* (Identity) on systemic allyship and the social justice industrial complex (with Axil Cricchio).  
See the workshop agenda/handout here.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gendercast at Philly Trans* Health Conference 2013: CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS!

Gendercast will once again be attending the PhiladelphiaTrans* Health Conference and we are looking for a few of you fabulous listeners to participate with us!

We’re going to be tabling in the main conference area. Stop by to say hi, pick up some items, and maybe even chat with us for a bit on the mic about your experience at the conference or another topic, to air on Gendercast!  Also, Jesse will be co-presenting a workshop at the conference with Axil Cricchio.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS to help out with tabling! 

Sean & Jesse tabling at a Seattle event.
If you’re a listener and would like to hang out with us, learn more what Gendercast is all about, and help us spread the word, we’d love to hear from you. You can sign up for one slot or a few at any point during the conference. 

You’ll get to meet other Gendercast listeners as well as Gilligan and Jesse (and maybe even give one of us a chance to break away and attend a workshop or two).  Gilligan will even be conducting some interviews on listeners’ experiences at the conference, so you’ll have a chance to be on air with Gendercast!

Contact us at to let us know if you’re interested. 
Gilligan, Sean & Jesse at PTHC 2012.

Some basic familiarity with the podcast and a friendly face are all that is required. Even if you won’t have a chance to table with us, at least stop by and say hi! We look forward to meeting lots of you there!



Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hello folks!

I’ve just opened up my survey around trans* healthcare experiences in the U.S. that recently got IRB approval! I hope that many of you will be able find some time to take this survey and share it with folks identifying along the trans* gender spectrum. The survey covers experiences with trans* specific and non-trans* specific health care providers, so whether you’re interested in hormones/surgery or not, your voice would be valued. With this survey I’m especially interested in capturing how people experience their trans* related health care if they identify outside male, female, FTM, and MTF boxes. Please Please Please, help me spread the word and make this survey accessible.

* It is completely confidential, and no identifiers will be collected, including your IP address. My
 overarching question is listed above. Just click on the question above and it should take you to the 10-15 minute questionnaire.

Sean Leão

Monday, April 1, 2013

Disability Justice Resources/Episode 35!

Gendercast is BACK!  After a few months break, we are back and excited to bring you all some great episodes and are extra, super excited about our most current, Disability Justice and Queer & Trans* Community.   We appreciate you visiting our facebook page and staying engaged with us during the past few months and are excited for so many upcoming episode topics.  

We wanted to ensure you all had these great links and resources about Disability Justice and are re-sharing them here, please take a look!

 Updates from your GC Hosts: Sean has been absorbed in school as he pursues his master's in social work and just had top surgery last week, congratulations to Sean!  Jesse has been participating in some local trans* organizing and is gearing up to present at the Philly Trans Health Conference (June 13-15th).