About Gendercast

Gendercast  Mission
Gendercast is a podcast exploration of gender and what is means to live in, challenge and exist beyond the binary. It is a conversation between all those who identify along the transmasculine spectrum and our allies and supporters. It is a commentary on our culture and a reflection on where we have come from and where we are headed.

Gendercast  Vision
Gendercast provides an accessible space to discuss relevant and current topics specific to gender identity and what it means to live in a world where an individual’s gender does not match sex assigned at birth.  We want to create and hold space for the multidimensionality of identity and empower and raise awareness for all voices experiencing oppression. 

Gendercast  Values
Gendercast is committed to the perpetuation of dismantling oppressive systems and providing a media outlet for perspectives, analyses, and commentary thereof.  We value the dignity of  all individuals,  social justice, anti-oppression, and human self-determination.   Transparency, integrity, honesty, responsible stewardship of resources, commitment to excellence, and maintaining the public trust are fundamental to Gendercast.   We value every voice willing to be heard and are willing to continually return to the dialogue to discuss challenging topics and prevent divineness in our communities.