• Sugarbutch Chronicles is an online writing project (aka “blog”) which explores sovereignty, healing, and communication through the personal examinations of sex, gender, and relationships, while celebrating queer sexuality, gender, culture, and identity in ways that are expansive rather than restrictive, liberating rather than limiting.

  • Butchtastic - I am a writer and have always held that identity close to my heart, regardless of the number of words I actually manage to produce. This blog is a place for me to explore sexuality, identity, gender issues, and my life. It’s also a place for me to publish my smut and other writing and get feedback on it. Feedback I hope will help me to become a better writer.
  • Gender Outlaw - I’m just another Gender Outlaw and this is my personal FTM transition blog. My journal is an important personal development tool: I use it to track and observe the complex, challenging and wondrous aspects of transcending gender. I’m thrilled to know that others find this public navigation helpful.

  • True Queer Love is about queer relationships, friendships and community. It is about feminism, polyamory and revolutionary love. Written by Sloan Lesbowitz in collaboration with Fifi Fontaine.

  • Genderkid This blog is meant to be a place where I can think freely about gender, observe how it works and how it’s constructed in everyday life. It’s more about questions than it is about answers; whatever answers I do happen to post are probably tentative and subject to change. It’s also a personal blog inasmuch as gender is a very personal thing. I don’t mean to rant –too much– about my daily life; but I will post whatever I discover when I carry my explorations into the real world.
    What about me? I’m a high school student, I live in Argentina and I identify as trans, queer and maybe genderqueer; but my identity tends to flow. 

  • Tboy Jacky - I'm a 37 year old FTM (female-to-male transsexual) living and working in Montreal. I’m also a pansexual, white, able-bodied franglophone Canadian. I’m a mom (yes, that’s right a mom), teacher, activist and performance artist. Working class background but often considered middle class because of my profession. Even though I don’t see myself as middle class (because I don’t share the budget or value system of the middle class, in general), this perception of me undoubtedly offers me social privilege.



  • Radically Queer  My name is Judith Avory Faucette, and I am an award-winning queer feminist legal activist. I have a JD from the University of Iowa, where I studied international human rights law. I blog on topics including queer identities, gender and sexuality issues in the law, international human rights, and the intersections between different types of oppression. You can find my other writings under the links listed as “Avory Elsewhere” to the right of your screen. My preferred pronouns are “zie” and “zir.”

  • Super Mattachine  is written by Stephen Ira, an activist and writer living in New York. He is a gay trans man for whom both identities are equally important, a white anti-racist, a feminist, and a poet. His poetry and fiction have been published in the SLC Review, Spot Literary Magazine, and 365 Tomorrows. He’s been a featured reader at the Velvet Guerilla Cabaret and the Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival, where he was lucky enough to open for Heather Christle.

  • Bi radical  Shiri Eisner is an activist and writer residing in Tel Aviv, Israel/Occupied Palestine. Her identities include: bisexual, genderqueer, feminist, anarchist, Mizrahi (Arabic Jew), disabled/chronically ill, geek, metalhead and crazy cat lady. She runs the Tel-Aviv-based bisexual organization Panorama – Bi and Pansexual Feminist Community and participates in the struggle against the occupation, radical queer activism, feminist activism, transgender and genderqueer activism, animal rights activism, and many more. She hopes to incite the revolution very soon.