Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh Yeah! We're ready for the Dirty Fall Quickball fundraiser on October 16!


This October Reteaching Gender & Sexuality is throwing a big queer event. Dirty Fall QuickBall 2011 is a 3-inning kickball elimination tournament between twelve teams competing for one big queer trophy. Along with the jam-packed action of the games, there will be hip music, baked goodies, rad shirts, dirty tricks, corrupt umpires, and a half-time show!

Tag team at it's best.... This wasn't planned.

Your Gendercast hosts, Sean and Jessie, will be co-captains of one of the kickball teams!  Stay tuned for updates on how to sign up to be on our team and play some kickball with us while raising money for the Reteaching Gender and Sexuality campaign!

See YOU on the field!

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