Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves SEATTLE Community Forum

This is YOUR opportunity to have your voice heard BEFORE the book is published, and contribute to the content. This forum aims to bring the transgender and gender non-conforming community together to talk about what areas need to be addressed/prioritized, and give OUR community a chance to vocalize OUR ideas around what WE think is essential in a book like this.

The forum will consist of a few folks performing a couple of artistic pieces, followed by us breaking up into facilitated small groups to discuss for about an hour. The purpose of the forum is to provide TBTS with input and feedback from the community. Each small group will have someone taking notes, and all notes will be forwarded to the TBTS organization. These notes will then be passed on to the editors and incorporated into the editorial process.

Allies are welcome to come along with someone who is attending this event as an observer to the community dialogue. We do need volunteers to help set up, clean up, and take notes in the small groups. If this sounds like something you’re interested in please e-mail us at gendercast@gmail.com.

We will be updating this page with facilitator and artist information as they confirm, and hope to have a good turnout. Our hope is that people will not only be able to get together to talk about the book, but also get to know some of our community leaders and organizations that are here in Seattle.

Event Details

Monday December 12th
6:30pm to 8:30pm
Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Annex Room, 1002 E. Seneca.
Fully Accessible
Please e-mail gendercast@gmail.com for additional accommodations if needed.

Facilitators confirmed

• Sid and Kennedy – The folks who bring you the documentary PUT THIS ON THE {MAP} as well as This is Reteaching Gender & Sexuality. 

•Debbie Carlsen – The executive director of Allyship

• A. Canelli MA, LMHC NCC
Of Informed Consent for Access to Trans Health ( ICATH)

•Elayne Wylie-Weichers - Director of Outreach at Seattle Out & Proud, Program Development & Outreach Committee Member at Out In Front Seattle, and Director of Support Services at Ingersoll Gender Center.

• Tobi Hill-Meyer

• Gwen Yeh - Facilitator at Ingersoll Gender Center.

Here is a pdf link to the TBTS book outline where you can check out the content and organization of the book. Please take a look and come join with questions and ideas.  

More info about the forum and Trans Bodies, Trans Selves project

What is the purpose of the forums?

TBTS is hosting forums all over the country, including San Francisco, Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, D.C., Philly, Pittsburgh, Burlington, and Toronto. The purpose of these is to bring community members together to talk about the content of the book – including what needs to be prioritized in the book – as we are just in the first draft stages. We are also hoping this will cast a wider net and bring people in who can continue to work with us after the forums by sharing their experiences/expertise, and also telling their friends and family who could not be at one of the forums due to distance or time. Mostly, we recognize there are barriers to being able to be involved with a project like this, and we are hoping the forums will make that more accessible. Many of our authors are individuals who are able to give up their time to write a chapter without getting paid for it. This is not possible for many people and we are hoping these forums can be an entry point to connect with the book, meet some authors/editors, and share ideas/feedback.

What is Trans Bodies, Trans Selves?

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves (TBTS) is a groundbreaking resource guide in-progress, being written by and for trans people. It is based off the idea of Our Bodies, Ourselves, but will cover a much wider variety of topics than the original version of OBOS. Including chapters that range from identities to understanding legal and medical systems, to relationships and sexuality, to youth, activism, and gender theory, this book will also contain personal stories, responses from thousands of surveys completed online, and transgender historical tributes and art.

A little more about Trans Bodies Trans Selves

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is a resource guide for the transgender population, covering health, legal issues, cultural and social questions, history, theory, and more. It is a place for transgender and gender-questioning people, their partners and families, students, professors, guidance counselors, and others to look for up-to-date information on transgender life. Each chapter will be written by a separate transgender or genderqueer author, but to provide consistency of layout, message and tone, authors will be given guidelines and will work closely with the editor. The book will be aimed at a general transgender and gender-questioning audience, and when using complicated language, will provide definitions and explanations. The tone will be friendly and fun, and will promote trans-positive, feminist and genderqueer advocacy. Included in each section will be anonymous quotes from everyday transgender people, who will be interviewed and also surveyed electronically, so that their voices are heard throughout. Short opinion pieces and testimonials (1-2 pages long) will also be included in each chapter. Finally, each chapter will contain references to resources such as books, movies, and organizations related to the chapter’s topic.

Of primary importance in this book is a worldview that supports human rights for all people. While the focus of the book is transgender and gender non-conforming people, we understand that a struggle for one group is a struggle for all. All of the book's chapters will recognize that sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, able-ism, ageism, and all other forms of prejudice exist within our communities and must be addressed. We will emphasize the fact that economics, the prison industrial complex, and strict anti-immigration laws are forms of oppression employed to divide people. We know full well that many communities are not represented or are under-represented in our author list. Thousands of folks have filled out the surveys, and those voices will be used frequently throughout the book, rather than the stories of the authors. Everyone who is involved in the book is involved on a volunteer basis. We understand it is difficult for many people to take on another project, particularly one that is unpaid, in spite of how strongly they believe in the purpose/mission of this book. We encourage all to contact us with feedback, concrete ideas and suggestions, and assistance whenever possible. Through this open door, we hope to shed light on the intent of the editor and also to hear different points of view from the community at large so we may create a strong and revolutionary book.

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