Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome Gilligan: New Gendercast Social Media and East Coast Outreach Intern!

Gendercast is so excited to welcome our newest addition, Gilligan!  Gilligan hails from Maryland, where he will be bringing some east coast flavor to Gendercast and helping us connect beyond our pacific northwest corner.  We are looking forward to learning from Gilligan and having all the amazing perspective and expertise he brings.

Gilligan's Bio

Gilligan is a student and queer activist.  He studies Theatre and Physics at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and devotes his spare time to more theatre, studying queer theory, working as an activist, and music.  He started becoming involved with queer rights in high school, where he founded a GSA and worked to start a Safe Space program.  Since then, he’s worked at inclusion and awareness events related to safe sex and LGBTQ, etc. topics on campus, and started a trans* issues zine series with a fellow student.

Gilligan works to create and give voice to queer theatre pieces in Maryland; Washington, DC; and the surrounding middle East-Coast area.  He is creating as a thesis project an original theatrical work that explores gender presentation as performance, in daily life and onstage, along with the unique experience transgender performers face looking at gender through those lenses. As the East Coast and Social Media Intern for Gendercast, Gilligan works to connect resources, activists, projects, and experiences between the two coasts through their social media outlets and through hands-on activism work and reporting.

Gilligan self-identifies as male, lad, and gentleman, with trans*gender experience.  Though he was assigned “female” at birth, he also identifies his sex as male.  His favorites include mashed potatoes, playing the drums, formalwear, playing basketball, singing, photography, and finding and reading historical queer literature.

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