Saturday, November 17, 2012

TDoR 2012

         -by Gilligan

         For centuries, gender non-conforming individuals have been the target of prejudice, exclusion, and violence.  Some have had a supporter or a few, but many have passed on outcasted, abandoned, and alone. In the last few decades, the LGBTQ, etc. community has started to mark these tragedies in our own way.  And over the last 15 years, the Transgender Day of Remembrance has been established to unify our community, and beyond, to honor the memories and brave lives of all of those who have been murdered for their gender and their strength.

       Gendercast would like to recognize this year’s Day of Remembrance by sending our thoughts to anyone affected by these terrible crimes, honoring those trans*folk who have been killed, and continuing to work to raise comprehensive awareness and compassion for the distance between many trans*people and life in a stable, safe environment. Here, we’ve provided a list of locations, times, and descriptions for anyone who would like to participate in the day’s events.


Seattle Events - Nov. 20th 5m-8pm

Meet at Queer Youth Space:
911 E Pike, 202
Seattle, Washington 98122
[QYS is a youth-led and youth-run nonprofit organization that provides the space, tools, and resources queer young people need to be effective leaders, organizers, and advocates.]

  • Food will be! served
  • Creating an altar where we can remember people who we’ve lost to institutional violence as well (lack of access to healthcare, mental health svc, housing, mistreatment in services/ schools/ jobs, etc)
  • Healing Circle– Sound Healing with Zenyu Director Christine Guiao
  • Lighting candles to close and walking/rolling/driving over to Cal Anderson (for community visibility)
  • Folks are welcome to bring item donations or monetary donations for QYS
Cal Anderson Park
1635 11th Avenue Seattle, Washington 98119
  • The shelter house is open for folks to stay warm, warm beverages and hand warmers will be provided
  • Resource table will be available– to table, sign up
  • Candle light vigil
  • Reading of names– to volunteer, sign up
  • After the reading of the names, we will let flowers go in the Cal Anderson fountain
Facebook Event Page

UK Events List

International Events List

Are you a student? Remember to check your school/college/university's website for events. Or head up your own!


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